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24 Nov, 2013Force on a Current Carrying Conductor: If a current carrying conductor is placed at right angles to a magnetic field then a force will be exerted on the conductor, which acts at right angles to both the conductor and the magnetic field. (Category: Electrical)

22 Sep, 2013Raspberry Pi: The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, but fully featured computer, approximately the size of a credit card. (Category: Software / Hardware)

18 Aug, 2013B-H Curve: A B-H curve is used to show the relationship between magnetic flux density (B) and magnetic field strength (H) for a particular material. (Category: Electrical)

18 Aug, 2013Permeability: Absolute Permeability (μ) is the ratio of magnetic flux density (B) to magnetic field strength (H). (Category: Electrical)

18 Aug, 2013Magnetomotive Force: Magnetomotive Force (MMF) performs a similar role in a magnetic circuit to the electromotive force (EMF) of a battery in a basic electrical circuit, thus acting as the 'prime mover' of an electromagnetic system. (Category: Electrical)

18 Aug, 2013Magnetic Flux: Magnetic flux (symbol Φ) is the magnetic field produced by a source of magnetism such as a permanent magnet or electromagnet. (Category: Electrical)

7 Jul, 2013plcLib (Arduino): Inputting from a Keypad: Matrix-style keypad support makes it possible to turn PLC outputs on or off when particular keys are pressed. (Category: Software / Hardware)

21 Jun, 2013plcLib - PLC Software for the Arduino: Our plcLib software turns your Arduino into a simple Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), allowing you to develop 'PLC-style' control-oriented software applications. (Category: Software / Hardware)

9 Apr, 2013Publishing Arduino Sketches to the Web: The Arduino IDE makes it really easy to publish your Arduino sketches to a web page, complete with colour coded syntax highlighting. (Category: Software / Hardware)

31 Mar, 2013Resistor Colour Code: Resistors intended for through-hole circuit assembly are identified by a series of concentric coloured bands, with four band and five band resistors being the most common. (Category: Electrical)

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